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Próxima publicación del libro “Basque Cinema: A Cultural and Political History”

El próximo marzo de 2015 se publicará el libro Basque Cinema: A Cultural and Political History, escrito en colaboración con Rob Stone, de la Universidad de Birmingham.

Cinema has always been a vital medium for articulating the Basque region’s unique identity and politics. The first definitive study of Basque cinema, this book provides a systematic analysis of the key Basque films, directors and cinematic institutions. Its narrative moves from the romanticised Basque Country travelogues of Pathé to the coded oppositional aesthetics of Franco-era films; from the post-Franco ‘new wave’ supported by regional government funding to the boom in auteurist cinema during the 1980s and 1990s. It also charts the contemporary impact of the film institute Basque Filmoteca and television channel Euskal Telebista in producing and disseminating Basque-language films. Based on archival research, close readings of films and in-depth interviews with influential figures in the Basque film scene, this book is essential reading for world film scholars and cultural historians.

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